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  1. Never Giving Up


Never Giving Up

I know that I got a million miles
left to go but I - I’m coming for ya
I left it all it all behind
Cause I gotta find a love I know
I’m getting closer to you

No matter where you are
I’m coming for your heart
Nothing could hold me back
I’ve come this far
No I won’t give up
Coming for your love
No I’m never giving,
Never giving up on you

Verse 2
When there’s no words to say
And life feels like a run away train
I’m here for ya
I know your story led you there
but let’s re-write the ending

Tell me about it
Here I’m coming
I’ll be here for you
Just tell about it
We can fight it
I’ll be here for you
I’d cross all the stars
To be where you are
I’ll be here for you
I won’t stop at anything
until your world stops trembling